AWP Wood Products

AWP Wood Products

About AWP Wood Products

AWP Wood Products is not only a manufacturer of premium millwork and molding but also a distributor of hardwood plywood and lumber. In addition, they are a distributor of hardwood plywood and lumber. In addition to its storefront in Little Rock, Arkansas, the company also operates, an online catalog that caters to individuals and businesses involved in the custom cabinet sector. This platform provides "one stop shopping" for all of our clients, making it more convenient for them to shop with us. The distribution territories of AWP span throughout multiple states, including Texas, Oklahoma, Mississippi, Tennessee, Missouri, and Alabama.

AWP works with industry-leading providers of lumber and plywood and purchases an annual volume of Hardwood lumber board footage of around 9 million board feet in order to fulfill its mission of offering customers access to the highest quality products available in the market. The following species of wood are often added to our inventory: hard and soft maple, poplar, FAS red oak, and 4/4 Northern and Appalachian KD timber. In addition, the company buys approximately fifty containers' worth of exotic lumber each year, as well as fifty to seventy-five truckloads' worth of MDF and roughly five hundred truckloads' worth of hardwood plywood. Additionally, it is not unusual for AWP to acquire close to 45 truckloads of Poplar and Red Oak gang torn blanks on an annual basis.

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